Center for Visual Cultures, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A welcome from director Preeti Chopra and

Jill H. Casid on “Queer Projection: Theses on ‘The Future of an Illusion.'”

The first event in the Center for Visual Cultures year-long series on “Global Affect, Materiality, and the Senses”

Please join us on Thursday, September 19 at 6:00 PM in the Elvehjem Building, Room L140.

Mellon Workshop co-coordinator Jill H. Casid is Professor of Visual Studies in the Department of Art History and an affiliate of the Departments of Comparative Literature, Theatre and Drama, and Gender and Women’s Studies and the programs in LGBT Studies, Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies, Jewish Studies, and Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A cluster hire in Visual Culture and currently coordinator of the cluster, Casid worked to found and served as the first director of the Center for Visual Cultures. A historian, theorist, and practicing artist, her recent articles have appeared in the TDR special issue on precarity and in the special issues of Women & Performance on queer and feminist landscape and on women and aging. Her books include Sowing Empire: Landscape and Colonization and Shadows of Enlightenment: Technologies of Projection and the Recasting of the Subject (forthcoming)–both with the University of Minnesota Press. She co-edited Art History in the Wake of the Global Turn (with Aruna D’Souza) for the Clark series with Yale University which will be out this fall. She is currently at work on two new book projects: “The Volatile Image” and “Forms-of-Life: Bioethics and Aesthetics.” Her photographic installation Shame’s Glove is featured in the Triennial exhibition at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art which opens on the 20th of September. On Casid’s work, see http://jillhcasid.net As part of Spatula and Barcode’s (Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson’s) Café Allongé project for the Triennial, she is doing a series of one-on-one performances Café La Petite Morte as performance-based research on care for death. You may reserve for one of these performances at http://cafeallonge.net

For information on the Center for Visual Cultures see: http://www.visualculture.wisc.edu

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