We’re excited to share the news that the Center for the Humanities has renewed funding for the A.W. Mellon Art and Scholarship Workshop!  Andrew Salyer, Katie Schaag, Jill Casid, and Jon McKenzie will be planning the workshop’s programming. During the 2014-2015 academic year, we will broaden our interdisciplinary focus even further across the arts, humanities, and sciences – our confirmed participants include a diverse range of theorists and practitioners from departments and programs including English, Art History, Theatre, Fine Art, Creative Writing, Library and Information Studies, Design Studies, Geography, DesignLab, Center for Visual Cultures, and the WID.

Drawing upon the talents and expertise of our workshop participants, we plan to curate a series of practice-based “Collaboratory” workshops.  Our hope is that these Collaboratories will facilitate provocative and invigorating conversations between practitioners of experimental scholarship, creative writing, visual art, performance, queer theory, and digital media.  We will also maintain our commitment to the public humanities, and we hope to continue our partnership with The Bubbler at Madison Public Library as well as with Madison Performance Philosophy Collective.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates about Fall 2014 events!


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