We’re excited to announce our Fall 2014 Calendar of Events!  We present four Friday Collaboratories, a series of participatory workshops integrating theory and practice, creativity and criticality.  The series showcases exciting, boundary-pushing work happening across campus, and provides artist-scholars a space within which to experience each other’s work.

Facilitating conversations between experimental scholarship, creative writing, performance, new media, digital text, and visualization studies, these Collaboratories engage a richly interdisciplinary nexus of questions, practices, and possibilities for unsettling generic and medium-specific boundaries. Collaboratories will provide opportunities to engage in collective exploration of playful, creative scholarship through such practices as performance-making, sensory awareness, digital remediation, public discourse, and relational aesthetics. We hope to collaboratively produce new conceptual and aesthetic possibilities, acknowledging disciplinary constraints and expectations while exploring ways that our research might take on new shapes, reveal assumptions, and prompt unexpected questions.

Each Collaboratory event functions as a sort of mini-symposium, highlighting a particular topic and showcasing two models of exciting work. The one-hour break is intended to 1) separate the two workshops so that participants can choose to either attend both workshops or to attend just one, and 2) provide time for a lunch break and/or informal conversation for those who do attend both workshops. In some cases the break also provides time for a location switch.  Each workshop is linked but distinct, such that, according to their schedules and interests, participants can attend as few or as many workshops as they like.

Since the workshops are participatory and interactive, we imagine that conversation and reflection will occur within each workshop. We also hope that the break after each morning workshop will provide informal opportunities for discussion, and depending on participants’ interest/energy we may also initiate an informal social gathering after each afternoon workshop.

RSVP is encouraged for all workshops: email art.scholarship.mellon@gmail.com



Theory-Practice Collaboratory #1:  Philosophy in the Performative

Friday, September 26, 10:00am-3:00pm


Frederic Neyrat, “Nietzsche Machine Metaphor”
10:00am – 12:00pm, Elvehjem L166
Leaning on philosophical essays and art works, I will try to shed some light on what I call the metaphorical, which is not a trope, but the imaginary load by which every organic or inorganic life form gets its singularity. The metaphorical is a bridge above the void.

[12:00-1:00: Lunch/Break]

Jill Casid, “Doing the Deformative”
1:00 – 3:00pm, Elvehjem L166
Let’s get into it. Grappling with the powers and possibilities of not the performative but rather the deformative, this workshop re-opens negation as a range of powerful tactics in the negotiation and even transformation of everyday sites of damage.

Readings (email art.scholarship.mellon@gmail.com for access):

  • Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman, “What Survives,” in Sex and the Unbearable
  • Sigmund Freud, “Negation”



Theory-Practice Collaboratory #2:  Social Practice

Friday, October 24, 10:00am-3:00pm


Spatula&Barcode, “Cooking with…Spatula&Barcode”
10:00am – 12:00pm, Private Residence
The collaborative known as Spatula&Barcode (Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson) will guide participants through an experience of cooking, eating, and discourse in their studio kitchen. Project details at www.spatulaandbarcode.net.
RSVP Required. RSVP no later than Oct. 15 to art.scholarship.mellon@gmail.com

[12:00-1:00: Lunch/Break]

Sarah Bennett, “I’ll follow your lead: experiencing and mapping our movement relationships”
1:00 – 3:00pm, Humanities 6321
We’ll explore relational movement through activities, games, and visualization. Our movements will involve giving in, causing surprise, attending, and answering. Our goal will be to understand how movement builds relationships between bodies and things.



Theory-Practice Collaboratory #3:  Speech Acts

Friday, November 14, 10:00am-3:00pm


Jen Plants, “Verbatim Theatre Master Class”
10:00am – 12:00pm, Humanities 6321
This interactive workshop invites participants to experiment with creating interview-based performance texts. Come dressed comfortably and bring a smart phone (or a small recording device) with headphones if possible. No previous theatre experience is required.

[12:00-1:00: Lunch/Break]

Helen Lee, “WORD”
1:00 – 3:00pm, Art Lofts Digital Lab + Glass Lab
In this workshop, Helen Lee will discuss her use of glass as a means for thinking about language and the body in her studio practice. Her approach to glass is shaped by the definition of glass—not as a material—but as a state-of-matter, and the notion of glassblowing as primarily a movement-based practice vs. an object-making practice.



Theory-Practice Collaboratory #4:  Queering Digitality

Friday, December 12, 10:00am-3:00pm


Megan Milks, “Open Channels: Slash Aesthetics and Queer Affect”
10:00am – 12:00pm, Location TBA
In this workshop, we will theorize slash as a postconceptual queer appropriative practice, a site of queer affect—and desire. We will compose our own slash monologues and collaborate on an interactive slashfic using Twine.

[12:00-1:00: Lunch/Break]

Oliver Bendorf, “Gender as a Moving Image”
1:00 – 3:00pm, Location TBA
How does your gender move? Creative practice and queer theory unite as we draw, cut, paste, rewind, animate, and flipbook our way through gender as a moving image technology of the body.



Source:  Ann Hamilton, (tropos • books) 1993

Source: Ann Hamilton, (tropos • books) 1993

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