Theory-Practice Collaboratory #2: Social Practice

Friday, October 24, 10:00am-3:00pm


A mini-symposium exploring relational aesthetics and relational movement as dynamic sites of social practice.


Spatula&Barcode, “Cooking with…Spatula&Barcode”

10:00am – 12:30pm, Private Residence


Spatula&Barcode, “Progressive Dinner”


Come hungry and curious to the kitchen studio of the art and writing collaborative known as Spatula&Barcode. You’ll consider the connections between food, art, and scholarship while cooking and eating a lunch designed to both provoke and satisfy. Spatula&Barcode’s “Cooking with…” series always features interesting people talking and cooking at the same time, and this workshop version will focus on the intellectual satisfactions available in everyday life.

RSVP Required. Limited spots available.
RSVP no later than Oct. 15 to art.scholarship.mellon@gmail.com
University Van will depart from campus at 9:30am sharp.
Lunch is included.


Spatula&Barcode is the collaborative identity of Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson. Since 2008, Spatula& Barcode has produced projects in Brasil, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Morocco, the Netherlands and the United States. Their interactive social projects feature food, hospitality, and conversation. Project details at www.spatulaandbarcode.net. Clark and Peterson have also published collaborative writing on food, culture, and performance in Performance Research, Theatre AnnualIntermediality, Performance and the Public Sphere, Misperformance and (forthcoming) What’s Cooking?


Sarah Bennett, “I’ll follow your lead: experiencing and mapping our movement relationships”

1:00 – 3:00pm, Humanities 6321


In this workshop, we’ll explore relational movement through activities, games, and visualization.  We’ll introduce tools for sensing the breadth of our own movement repertoires. Then we’ll see how we navigate relationships to objects and other bodies through our movements. Activities will involve giving in, causing surprise, attending, and answering, among other movement modes and postures. We’ll play with ropes and gyroscopes, and we’ll try new movements together in a relaxed atmosphere. Our goal will be to understand the geographies of gestural movement. What are embodied relationships like? When and where is our body bounded by movement? How is movement a form of relation?   We’ll use mapping and visualization to develop our answers to these questions, drawing on examples from cartographies of the body.

RSVP recommended. RSVP to art.scholarship.mellon@gmail.com



Sarah Bennett is a PhD student in Geography. She is interested in the role movement has in environmental relationships. She likes designing maps, comics, and other imagery related to her work. Sarah is an active member of DesignLab and the local folk dance community.


This event is presented by the Art + Scholarship A.W. Mellon Workshop, generously supported by UW-Madison Center for the Humanities, and co-sponsored by the UW-Madison Art Department and UW-Madison Geography Department.


Collaboratory #2


Facilitating conversations between experimental scholarship, creative writing, performance, new media, digital text, and visualization studies, Art + Scholarship A.W. Mellon Workshop’s Theory-Practice Collaboratories engage a richly interdisciplinary nexus of questions, practices, and possibilities for unsettling generic and medium-specific boundaries. Collaboratories provide opportunities to engage in collective exploration of playful, creative scholarship through such practices as performance-making, sensory awareness, digital remediation, public discourse, and relational aesthetics.

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